Christyan Fox

Christyan Fox is a freelance writer and illustrator living in Thames Ditton, UK. He has created more than 50 international-selling children’s books and stories for BBC TV (both with and without his wife Diane) as well as packaging design, graphics, magazines, advertising and running various courses and workshops on creating children’s books.

Diane Fox was a senior graphic designer with London design consultants Minale Tattersfield for twelve years. She now works with Christyan in creating children’s books and running book creation courses.

Diane and Christyan are also the parents of three children – one of whom is severely disabled.

As The Boy Who Bit The Horse obviously has much better things to do with his time he allows Christyan to type the words for this blog on his behalf. Of course, The Boy regards all of this content as complete ‘fiction’, though that wasn’t the word he used.

Christyan would also like to acknowledge that without Diane’s infallible memory there would be no content… and it might well be called: The Boy Who Bit Something Or Other At Sometime In The Past.

6 thoughts on “Christyan Fox

  1. I knew your boy had ******** just from reading your blog- I diagnosed my own daughter aged 4 from reading similar post from parents. Have you read the Angelic anarchist? My daughter also has a Smiley but after 14 years also has a Screechy.
    Thanks for making me laugh out loud over things that usually have me grinding my teeth.

    • Hi Suzi, good to hear from you. Rich Williams, father of Holly the Angelic Anarchist is a friend and fellow trustee of Assert. The links I have to their site seem to be inactive, do you know if the site moved? I’ll try to find out from Rich.

      • Hi both, life and technology overtook the original website- started well before instant social media sites, and I took it down a few years ago. Holly is now 11, and growing up fast. I may get round to relaunching something in the future, but its good to know that black humour is alive, well and making life better still.

  2. Laughing my head off at your blog! Found it after the extract was printed in the Assert magazine and am now recommending it to anyone interesting in Angelman Syndrome. The serious stuff is all very well but it’s bloomin’ miserable reading – this is what life’s like with Freddie quite a lot of of the time. Keep writing.

  3. Hi There
    LOVE How you write about your son, James our son is now 21 and is as mischievous as ever, Jokey and Fusspot both entertain and attend to his every whim and he has a bevy of attractive minions to sort out everything else. Some of the minions have big chests which he likes very much!
    Lately fusspot decided to put some safety catches on my drawers so the contents could not be arranged how I wished ………. pah! Two days it took to work out how to get those off and they were duly chewed to bits!!!

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