About The Boy Who Bit The Horse

I am a teenage boy with so-called special needs. Primarily those are: I need to eat (a lot), I like plenty of exercise or I get really bored, I grunt instead of talking, I’m not much of a reader, I’m not too big on personal hygiene, I don’t like being too hot or too cold and I like playing with my… well… y’know… so I’m pretty much like every other teenage boy.

I live with a dysfunctional little group I’d hesitate to describe in terms as grand as a ‘family’. There’s Smiley, Frowny, Flower Girl and Curly Top – thoughts of them sounding like rejected cast-members from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs are not so far from the truth.

There’s also a whole troupe of ‘companions’ (I’m not sure if we’re still allowed to use the word ‘carers’, and anyway this makes me sound more like Dr. Who) who are apparently there to entertain me and be at my constant beck and call. I hear not everyone has this courtesy, but I can highly recommend it.

In fact, as I look around me I see there are lots of ways in which I can help people with the benefit of my autobiographical anecdotes. On the whole I think everyone works too hard and worries too much; in my experience of putting in as little effort as possible I still find that people bring me food at regular intervals, provide all the clothes I need, take me wherever I need to go and generally go out of their way to indulge me.

So I dedicate this blog to all those of you who are trying too hard in life.

Slow down. Sit Back. Relax.




4 thoughts on “About The Boy Who Bit The Horse

  1. Christyan – I didn’t know this was out there until today – you guys are just sooo funny and ALL of it rings true (and we’ve got 2 more years experience on you!) Keep at it you are making my day – much more fun than filling in an ESA50, Limited Capability for Work questionnaire on behalf of Livvy which is nearly coming up to DLA standards!

    • Thanks Kate, good to hear from you again… Now if only I can find the time to write some more, the activities of The Boy Who Bit The Horse do rather cut into one’s day.

  2. Just discovered you! Got a 16 year old son whom i would hesitate to call an ‘angel’ at the moment as he seems to have greater dominence in the pubescent ‘man’ bit! The blog made us all laugh lots – especially our 13 year old son who couldn’t believe how ‘josh-like’ your son is. Great to read and some fantastic perspectives.

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