Quarter of a million and counting…

250,000 page viewsFlower Girl says there’s a counter at the bottom of this page that now says it’s received over 250,000 views. Apparently that’s not 250,000 separate people, but Smiley assures me it’s more than one person clicking a quarter of a million times.

Of course, I don’t know if quarter of a million is a lot; after I’ve wolfed down a roast dinner Frowny keeps handing me Yorkshire Puddings so that she can finish her meal in peace, and I can get through an entire bowl of them. Now that’s a lot. And sometimes I click the light switches on and off in my room for an hour or so — until even I get bored with it — and I don’t think we can possibly be talking about as many clicks as that.

Whatever. But the thing I keep wondering is, who are all these nosey people and why do they want to read about my life? After all, it’s just everyday stuff that happens to everyone isn’t it?



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